About US

Lightbridge is a small veteran-owned technology firm in the D.C. Metro area delivering on-demand technical services and technology solutions to public and private customers

By focusing our investments on value-producing resources and eliminating unnecessary overhead, we are able to maximize value for our customers, converting vision into results


On Demand
Custom & Turn-Key
Project Management and Staffing
Product Management
Technology Solutions
Providing project management and project staffing services on-demand

Sample Resources:
- PMP Certified PMs
- Systems Engineers
- Database Specialists
- Windows/Java Developers
- UI/UX Specialists and Developers
- Field Engineers/Installers
- Translation Services
- Trainers
- Quality Assurance Maagers
- Configuration Managers
- Manufacturing Specialists
- Testers
- Cleared professionals
Providing end-to-end product management (PdM) services and staff augmentation on-demand

Sample PdM Services
- Competitive Analysis
- Go to Market Strategy
- Pricing models, including SAAS 
- Product Requirements
- Product Certification
- Prodct Design Management
- Product Lifecycle Management
- Product Management Training
Delivering targeted software and hardware solutions and integration services leveraging the latest and best available technologies

Sample Solutions:
- Custom Software Delivery
desktop, mobile, web, cloud
- Biometric Solutions
- Physical Security Solutions
- Forensic Solutions
- Cyber Security
- Disparate Systems Integration
- Database Integration
- Large Scale Document Digitization
- Analytics
- CRM Implementation
- ERP Implementation
- MS Office Implementation
- SharePoint Implementation
- MS Project (Server) Implementation


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